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Auction Information


Gregory Hake Auctions L.L.C. dba Gregory Hake Auctions, conforms to Train Collectors Association (TCA) grading standards. Please CAREFULLY read the grading criteria below. Grading Scale and Abbreviations are as follows:

C1 Junk – Parts value only.
C2 – Restoration required.
C3 Poor – Requires major body repair, heavily scratched, major rust, missing parts and major restoration candidate.
C4 Fair – scratched, moderate paint loss, dented, missing parts and surface rust; evidence of heavy use.
C5 Good – signs of play wear, with scratches and minor paint loss; small dents and minor surface rust. Evidence of heavy use.
C6 Very Good – minor scratches and paint nicks, minor spots of surface rust and free of dents; may have minor parts replaced.
C7 Excellent – all original, with minute scratches and paint nicks; no rust, no missing parts and no distortion of component parts.
C8 Like New – complete and all original; no rust, no missing parts and may show effects of being on display and/or age, may have been run.
C9 Factory New / Brand New – All original; unused, may be evidence of factory rubs and the slightest evidence of handling, shipping and having been test run at the factory.
C10 Mint / Brand New – All original, unused and unblemished.

All grading is done subjectively, by me and experienced fellow TCA members. Grading is by appearance of the item, not boxes and not running ability. Not responsible for typos, errors or omissions.

Additional details are included with each auction lot description.


We handle hundreds of trains sales a month. Be courteous to our small staff and use the following guidelines to help us process your order quickly and correctly.

  1. Include auction item numbers with payment and with any correspondence. This will help us process your request quickly.
  2. We have a payment form which may help you organize your purchase(s).
  3. Payment Address for Gregory Hake Auctions
    Gregory Hake Auctions
    5988 Mid Rivers Mall Dr.
    Suite 125
    St. Charles, Missouri 63304-8302
    (314) 239-8541

Accepted payment methods include personal check, money order and Visa/Mastercard/American Express.
If bidding via Gregory Hake Auctions, Buyer’s Premium is 18% if paying by credit card. If bidding via Live Auctioneers, Buyer’s Premium is 18% if paying by credit card.

We offer a 3% discount on Buyer’s Premium for both platforms if paying by check or cash.

Grading was done subjectively and by appearance of the item, not boxes and not running ability. We do NOT guarantee running ability of any item, unless stated in the description that the engine has been oiled, lubed and runs. Absolutely no returns are accepted on items graded C5 or lower and on items that have no grade. After thirty (30) days from receipt of the item(s) purchased, we will not accept returns under any circumstances, including items that may be described differently due to new technologies or information. Gregory Hake Auctions makes a reasonable effort to represent authenticity, originality and grade of items with maximum accuracy at the time of the sale. Payment for an auction item that is received by Gregory Hake Auctions more than thirty (30) days after the auction date voids all rights to returns, for any reason. After thirty (30) days, any issue with an auction item must be resolved through the consignor of the items and NOT Gregory Hake Auctions.


  1. Payment in full (including the buyer’s premium when applicable) must be paid in the form of cash, wire transfer, checks, money order, or a major credit card.
    1. If you have a question about whether a credit card is accepted please call Auctioneerbefore bidding and/or before the removal/delivery of any property purchased.
    2. Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse credit card payments on any lot.
  2. Bidder shall pay the purchase price, the buyer’s premium, shipping, insurance, and handling charges (if any), plus all applicable sales taxes, unless such sales taxes are exempted by law (proof of exemption must be provided).
    1. Bidder must make payment within seven (7) business days< after notification of the sale.
    2. The auctioneer reserves the right to offer unpaid items to the next highest bidder at his discretion should the invoice go unpaid for longer than a month.
  3. Auctioneer also reserves the right to open an active dispute against any LiveAuctioneer Bidder that does not pay or refuses to fully complete the transaction, including paying the associated buyer’s premium and shipping/insurance cost.

We ship extensively each month and have very high standards. To facilitate rapid and accurate shipment of your purchase(s), please follow the following guidelines:

Customers in Hawaii, Alaska and foreign countries must email Gregory Hake Auctions at with your item number(s) for specific shipping charges prior to sending payment.

  1. Items to be shipped together must be paid for together. Separate payments require separate full shipping charges.
  2. Within three (3) business days of the auction, you will receive an invoice with the hammer price and the appropriate buyer’s premium based on the website you registered and bid through.
  3. Payment must be sent within one (1) week of the end of auction. If you wish to combine lots for shipping, please do not wait more than one (1) week past the end of the first auction. Items not paid for promptly will be relisted.
  4. When payment in full has been received for the item(s), we will begin packing your purchase.We pack items based on the date invoices are paid in full, and we pack as quickly and efficiently as possible but some items require more care than others.
  5. Packing is done in-house by our professional staff.We have been shipping products since 1998 and are very knowledgeable on the correct packaging of item(s) to keep them safe during transit.
    1. We use brand new boxes, foam wrap, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and/or other materials that are necessary for getting your items to you in the same condition that they were presented in the photos.
    2. We do charge a small fee associated with the packing materials and labor, which supply costs and fees related to labor are disclosed in the shipping invoice.
  6. We utilize a web-based shipping solution called Shipping Saint that allows us to offer commercial shipping rates.
  7. You will receive a separate shipping invoice from Shipping Saint that contains the shipping cost.
    1. The invoice from Shipping Saint must be paid before your purchase will be shipped.
    2. After the separate shipping invoice Shipping Saint has been paid, we create a label.
    3. You will be notified via email and text about your tracking number and when you might expect to receive your new items.
  8. Any bidder refusing to pay the shipping and handling costs after the items have been paid for shall therefore surrender title to the items after 60 days have passed from the first shipping invoice.
  9. Chargebacks on credit cards due to refusal to pay shipping will be disputed in a court of law in St. Charles County, Missouri at the cost of the bidder.
  10. Further, we reserve the right to open an active dispute against any successful bidder on the LiveAuctioneer platform for refusal to complete the transaction.
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